About Us



WWW.DISCOUNTUSEDCARSUPPLIES.COM is owned and operated by NFADA Wholesale Distributors, Inc. (The Warehouse).  


In 1973 a group of local new car dealers in Western New York formed The Warehouse as a way to help them control their overhead expenses.  We are set up to buy in bulk and pass the savings on to our owners, the local new car dealers. 


Over the years The Warehouse has sold a variety of items from parts to supplies to equipment and accessories.  Somewhere around the year 2000 we got involved in marketing used car supplies.  At first we sold a few items like keytags, flags, banners, and window stickers.  With our purchasing power, we were able to provide these items to our dealers at greatly reduced cost compared to others in the business.  Over the last 10+ years we have expanded our offerings of used car supplies to include everything you will see listed on our web site.  In addition to the items listed here, we have the ability to offer ‘custom’ products to our customers at generic pricing levels.



We are now offering our quality products to you at the same significant savings that we have afforded our local dealers.  You can take advantage of our bulk buying practices and low markups.  In addition, we are offering FREE STANDARD UPS/USPS SHIPPING ON ALL PURCHASES through our website.  Please take a look at our offerings and compare them to your current suppliers.  We think you will be pleased with what we have to offer.


Please keep in mind that although we have been in this business for many years, our web site is new and we will be constantly adding items and making upgrades.


Thanks for looking!